Week 02: Cultural Observation

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Throughout this past week, I chose to observe the Visual Art Exchange in Downtown Raleigh. The Visual Art Exchange, or VAE, is a small art gallery that hosts monthly art exhibitions with varying themes or concepts. I entered this assignment attempting to look at this situation from multiple perspectives to make sure that my assumptions and biases didn't hinder my overall thinking with this problem. However, it becomes almost impossible for us to push our assumptions and biases totally away when it comes to familiar situations. My assumption of how to act, what is proper and improper, and progress through an art gallery definitely influenced my interpretation and conclusions when it came to this assignment. Since I have been spending so much of my time at this gallery recently, I have developed certain assumptions that may have gotten in my way of fully developing this problem and understanding the many facets. I came into this problem only looking at certain aspects and not fully taking in the behaviors as being cultural peculiarities. My bias to being always surrounded by these behaviors only understanding the culture I am a part of in terms of emotional responses and observations could have gotten in my way of looking at this more objectively. Overall, I believe that my assumptions and biases hindered my overall understanding of certain peculiarities and the effects of affordances within the gallery itself.