Week 03: Developing Your Ideas 

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This assignment has been one that has really challenged my thinking process and morphed the way in which I will go about solving problems in the future. As I stated in my video for this assignment, one thing that really stuck out to me was the discussion about how our brains are hard-wired for efficiency. This is an idea that I can relate to all too well. Before this assignment, I would find myself getting stuck with my initial solutions to creative or critical problems and being unable to see past my initial thoughts. I think I showed flexibility in my thinking within this assignment in regards to the ideation process and with coming up with different designs for a chair. The “Lateral Thinking” exercise tasked us with designing chairs that had the characteristics of a random word assigned to us, but fit within provided constraints. This activity truly pushed me out of the box and allowed me to look past the initial designs and come up with different solutions by breaking down the characteristics and restraints of the desired product. With that being said, I struggled with designing a chair in a creative manner. I found it to be difficult to scrap my individual concept of a chair and look at it from an entirely different perspective. While it is important to have an initial concept of what it is you're designing, I felt a little constrained by thinking of a chair directly as a chair and not moving out of that bubble. Rather than labeling it as a chair, I could have looked at it as something people can sit on. This may have allowed me to explore other ideas that I may have not originally been able to think of. I believe this is where I struggled the most with this assignment. I also started the assignments and lecture activities for the week later than I usually would have. After reading Johnson’s section about the slow hunch, this short time frame could have been an issue with the ideation process and may have hindered my design process. Throughout my presentation, I made sure to try and clearly articulate the promoter’s desired aspects of a chair and how I went about designing it to fit those aspects. I was clear and logical with my explanations and made sure to discuss how I got inspiration from the honeycomb and other ideas to create the final product.