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Advertising Campaign and Branding

NC State University’s University Activities Board and 2Chainz


video annoucement

Frame by Frame Animation

Created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, this frame by frame animation was used to announce the artist that was selected for the 2017 NC State Homecoming Concert. The video alludes to the artist and his brand.



Printed Assests

The branding for this event was made to mirror stylistic choices made by the 2Chainz and his team, as well as contain elements that related back to NC State brand standards. The mashup of these two led to the creation of a new typeface, as seen below, and graphics used for banners, posters, credential passes and shirts.



Design in Context

The content that was created was no only used for physical advertisements, but also used across social media platforms, printed and used throughout the concert itself. Twitter was the central focus for means of publicizing this event online.