Historical Preservation

Design, Context and Experience Design (Fall 2018)

Andrew Hilts, Andrew Thornton, and Christian Townsend

Downtown Raleigh is an area filled with history and important historic landmarks. For this project, we were tasked with creating a way to inspire locals and visitors of Raleigh to go out and experience these site firsthand.

Being that this was a group project, I was mostly in charge of the overall branding of “Ride Raleigh.” I created all of the branded and printed assets.




After completing research on the area, we came to the conclusion that bus stops, and other forms of commuting downtown, were the best ways to intersect individuals in their daily routines. This would allow for us to focus on a necessary portion of an individual’s routine, but incorporate information about surrounding historic landmarks. Thus, “Ride” was born.




The low-fidelity wireframes exist as a blueprint for later version of the interface design. Below, different screens are mapped out in their most basic forms



Type and Color Tests

When working on branding, we wanted to make sure that the color and type treatment reflected the nature of the application itself. Below are different iterations of color, gradient, and type that were tested before deciding on the final.




The hi-fidelity wireframes show the app, its interface, and some key features. Below one can see the centralized map view, where bus stops are located, and “Explore” mode, which allows for users to learn more about surrounding historic landmarks.


final proposal

Ride Raleigh

The final proposal for “Ride” is a look at the overall design, branding, and use of the application.