Branding and Interaction Design

Design, Context and Experience Design (Fall 2018)



Game Description

Tectorum is a strategic journey game where players are tasked with making it from one side of the board to the other without depleting their energy sources. The general concept of this board game is based around that of plate tectonics, and their movement.



Logo Ideation and Visual Identity

The Tectorum branding seeks to communicate the same identity as the materiality and design of the physical board game. By utilizing a minimalistic approach and geometric shapes, the branding was made to be simplistic, approachable and clean.


logo ideation

Mockups and Trials

Working around with the general hexagonal structure of the game board pieces, logo ideations were created in an attempt of capturing the same style.


Final visual identity

Logo, Color Palette and Typography



Printed Materials

The printed materials for the game, including playing cards and instruction manual, were created as branded assets. While simple in design, they mirror the aesthetic of the game.



Playable Board Game and Packaging

The board was created to be modular and tactile allowing for players to set up a board in any arrangement they please. This allows for gameplay to be different each time. The modular plates themselves were laser cut from birch wood, and engraved with the many different symbols. The packaging was created to mimic the rugged feeling of the pieces, and was hand-sewn specifically for this purpose.