Publication Design

Typography II (Spring 2019)


Project summary

Two-Faced Mobility Conference

Two-Faced is a made-up mobility conference that was created to discuss Goffman, a Canadian-American sociologist, social psychologist, and writer, and the distinction between private and public mobilities. For this assignment, we were tasked with gathering articles and speaker to compile into a conference guide.



Color and Type Tests

With the name of the symposium, “Two-Faced,” decided early on, I wanted the color scheme and type treatments to mirror the idea of duality within public and private mobility. After working with different color pairings, I decide to use a dark blue and green combination.


Private-Public abstraction

Interview Inserts

To further abstract the ideas of public and private mobility, and how the two co-exist, I wanted to design smaller, more private inserts that contained interviews with the conference speakers. These smaller pages, as seen below, interact with the larger blue, speaker spreads.


Final spreads

Two-Faced Mobility Conference

After compiling the featured articles, deciding on the keynote speakers, and finalizing the branding, the task became that of deciding on a grid structure. Throughout this publication, I utilized both a two and three column grid. The final spreads can be seen below.