Font Anatomy

Typography I (Fall 2018) | ITC Officina Sans



Anatomical Feature Studies

Each of the posters below are focused on a different structural element of the typeface ITC Officina Sans that distinguishes it from other typefaces.



Final Poster

In the final posters, each of the individual elements discussed above were compiled into a larger grid, making sure that there was equal focus on each.




The Dance of Typography

Typography I (Fall 2018)

The Dance of Typography was a project that sought to teach individuals how to manipulate letterforms to communicative effect, practice iterative processes for making typography, orchestrate relationships among mimetic and “decorative” typographic elements, and abstract typographic elements, and generate typography in a variety of media, and translate them into print.


Initial iterations


For the initial iterations, students were tasked with taking a simple word, manipulating it’s characteristics, and attempting to communicate a certain message. As seen below, I chose to manipulate the word “meat” in a variety of ways that seek to communicate how meat might be viewed in a variety of contexts.



Further Explorations

Moving forward, I wanted to push my focus towards that of balance and composition. I looked less at color, and boiled it down to more simplistic elements, messing around with new typographic choices.


final design

The Dance of Typography

After working through some early iterations, we had to create a final design that clearly conveyed “The Dance of Typography” itself. For these final compositions, I utilized a method that gave the typography a kinetic feel.



Video Manipulation

As a final deliverable, we had to create video manipulations, or animations, that directly mirrored or abstracted the physical poster seen above.